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Online: 3 months ago
Joined: Dec 19, 2015
Nick Name: Solowolf
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Arkansas
City: Fayetteville
A little about me I'm a Master Plumber/Pipe-fitter Commercial and industrial work.
Semi-Retired, I travel on contract jobs so from time to time my not be online.

Forum Signature:

Sheild Meaning:

Solowolf Guardian of the Realm

Two Sable Dragons with OR talons on field of Gules for Valor Protection Argent Chevron with Two Sable Fleur-de-lis For Purity set between a Gules Sun for Vitality and Glory Argent Wolf with Sable Claws on a Sable field for Perseverance in Battle

My Characters List on Arkenstone with Guild

1.Solowolf/Metalsmith T-9 Guild
2.Gogil/Woodsman T-9 Guild Also leader of Flesh n Bones Kin
3. Rurod/Weaponsmith T-9 Guild
4.Medhuil/Jeweler T-9 Guild
5.Stilwin/Tailor T-9 Guild
6.Iogorail/Cook T-9 Guild
7.Xandis / ScholarT-6 Guild

other Characters are Toragil,Sivodus,Fealarderil,Hullord,Vrodush, and Yrongond

I also play EU server Evernight Main Characters are Cemilled and Ausvabras

Lusis Absentia via ne Capiaris Tenebrae non
Absence of Light the Road not Taken Darkness prevails