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Greetings Everyone,

I just saw this post in the review. Go grab a cup of coffee - maybe two.

Let me introduce myself. Hmmm, which name should I begin with? I guess my first one – that is always a good place to start – at the beginning. This picture should tell you how long I have been doing online games.

Mesingw of NWN

My first experience with an online gaming community environment was 1989/90 – there about. In a place known as NWN (Never Winter Nights) when the max allowed through the gate (server) was 250(Later it was doubled to allow 500 at a time) and we paid by the minute/hour. AOL (America Online) loved me back then. I was Mesingw, a CLAM (Cleric/ Mage) and hung out at the Inn in Long Saddle or on the wharf in Port Llast.

When the gates closed forever – we all were shattered. We had a great bunch of folks that would sit and role-play for hours. This game was old style SSI pixel graphics but we all loved the world.

Max level was dual classed 10/11 and we got that easy with everyone helping each other. There was no uber loot – well, the +3 weapons were nice. Once that was accomplished then the fun began. We did not have the developers to accommodate any whiners about more quests, more loot drops, more places to explore, more, more, more, like there is these days, the game went public, and it was done. No added stuff no expansions. What you see is what you got.

We (as players) made our own fun. Tours were developed – we met in the middle of town and off we went to dance with the Beholder or some other quest we decided to do. All the encounters were the same, in the same spots, and very little was random.

The world of PvP (Player vs. Player) was accidentally invented back then. Unknown to many, magic would affect anyone/anything that it was cast on. Cast a fireball too near friends – they got zapped. Then one day, during a role play, some characters fell to the evil side of life and an idea was born….Player vs Player combat. Soon people met and assaulted the hills or combated in Triboar. PvP teams were formed, ladders were made for best PvPers and a new addition to the game was formed.

ECK!!! Way too much info, sorry I am digressing, back to the near present.

I have played all the popular MOG's to date, NWN, UO, Realms, Dark Sun Online, Lords of Emporia, Earth and Beyond, EQ, AC, AO, DAOC, SWG, AC2, Neocron and Horizons. I've helped the Monkey group since Anarchy Online and it’s a great bunch of folks to work with. These folks write the PRIMA Official Game Guides. I have helped with City of Heroes and Everquest II.

After the closing of the gates of NWN in 1996/97 what was I to do? I searched the net for something appealing. AOL had another game, Sierra, the Realms. I beta tested that and had a blast. This is where Unitsi was created but I also had Mesingw there, but enjoyed Unitsi better. The KWICs were made and we still have some floating around there after all these years.

I spent the better part of 3 years in Sierra, the Realms, then became a BETA tester for EQ (Everquest) and was there since Day 1 in 1998. WOW! The graphics were amazing compared to NWN and the Realms. I made a Wood Elf Druid name Mesingw and a High Elf wizard named Unitsi. I live on Norrath for nearly 4 years. I never thought I would leave that place. There were just too many places to explore and rocks to turn over. With the introduction of new races, I made Zarisa, my Iksar shaman that I loved to play.

I was searching for that NWN feeling – we all had and enjoyed. Sad to say, the feeling I was seeking was not found in EQ. I was introduced into the world of Roczors, Le33ts – all that coding that was an unknown language to me. Introduced into the world of what I considered Brats online. Thinking it was cool to curse and use words I would get my mouth washed out for. I learned to despise the term ‘uber’.

When EQ made it near to impossible to complete an epic quest without the help of 6 full teams of 50+ - it was time for me to move on. The waiting and down time for these supposedly enjoyable hunts pushed me away.

I hit the boards once more in search of a game to play with the family environment of NWN. From 1996 – 1999, games that were out there were UO (Ultima Online), DSO (Dark Sun Online), LOE (Lords of Empiria), and Gemstone, which I tried. All of which I tried – some as BETA.

In 2000, AO (Anarchy Online) came along and that was a game you could get immersed in. It had many cool features, your own apartment, could get a plane to soar the skies in, but that lacked the learning of the terrain when you had to run everywhere.

In 2002, Along with AO – there was DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot), Sims Online, Earth and Beyond and Underlight. I played these as well, each had its good side and each had it down side.

In 2003 – What can I say? SWG (Star Wars Galaxy), AC2 (Asheron Call), Neocron and Horizons were the games to play. Played all of them, yet none kept my interest.

In 2004, a refreshing game came into the scene, one I had been watch develop for a long time. It was quite simply looked fun. One goal – beat up the bad guys. That was CoH (City of Heroes). It has the simplicity of NWN but far better graphics. Not the two pixel colors but now you have over a billion combinations in colors and costume design. One can stay in the character generator for hours. From the little I have witnessed with CoH and enjoyed, I hope it keeps the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule.

I prefer helper characters, such as a healer, buffer, or crafters. Leave the up close and personal combat to others. I am more of a social gamer who role-plays and loves to help others.

See you on Patrol! Duh DuH DUH, STOP THAT CRIMINAL ACTION! Was my Action Call for the bad guys.

Everguest II was the game coming into the screen and I put my name on the list to help with BETA and write for PRIMA again. The quests available kept me going for hours. I started a shaman named Unitsi and will play her in game.

I canceled all my other online accounts and only have one active at this time. That is EQ II and my plans are to stay here for some time. There is enough content to keep me happy for a long time.

Now for personal info: I am 62 years young, married the best person I have ever met – I married my best friend and we are going on 30 years together. I did the role of house wife, mother and home-maker; I was awful at it so at the age 32 I joined the US Navy. I was IYAOYAS = Aviation Ordnancemen - Best job I ever had! Got out and started my own business teaching folks how to do emails, spreadsheets, basically the Office Package.
After working for yourself, it is hard to go back to work under someone else, so when we moved to New Orleans, I decided to open our day dream – a gaming store. We always sat around saying when we retire; we’d open one up so we just doing it a wee bit earlier.

We did that for 10 years and now I raise chickens and goats and sit on my porch watching the world go by.
I play Lord of the Rings Online and been on Middle Earth since BETA.

Well, that’s it about me I think. Any questions, ask away, I am an open book.

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