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  Soloolo: Do we have any representation, Guild on BDO.
  Soloolo: I forgot the Top banner --Mann
  Soloolo: Is it just me or is the sections for STO, SWTOR missing. I thought I put many STO Character here.
  Solowolf: Forgot Woodsman also T-9 Guiler
  Solowolf: To let all Know now have Metal-smith,Weapon-smith,Jeweler,Tailor,Cook All T-9 Guilder finely only Scholar to go
  Soloolo: How does one add pictures to the gallery.
  Unitsi: oh yes you are in the right place
  Airanna: Boo ! Am I in the right place ?.
  Solowolf: Will be working in Evernigth rest of month so if any kin are on Evernigth look for Cemilled or Ausvabras and give me a shout kk
  Solowolf: northwest fayetteville home of the HOGS
  Unitsi: Just updated my Profile as well
  Unitsi: Looks GOOD !! Solo .. what part of Arkansas? I live in Hardy (Sharp County)
  Solowolf: Just updated my page check it out let me known what you think of sheild and motto
  Unitsi: Happy Holidays to my family across the globe!! May this next year you be surrounded by friends and family that provide you with love and comfort.
  Unitsi: To add your characters - Click ROSTER (Top Menu), then Characters
  Kangerous: ok sounds good i got it
  Unitsi: Yes, I will post info on the forums
  Kangerous: does the kin have vent?
  Waltheort: Hey.....Check the New Events Thread in the forums!!!!
  Unitsi: Nice to see more folks using Ventrilo !!
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