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(Jul 19, 2017)
Do we have any representation, Guild on BDO.
(Jul 19, 2017)
I forgot the Top banner --Mann
(Jul 19, 2017)
Is it just me or is the sections for STO, SWTOR missing. I thought I put many STO Character here.
(Aug 08, 2016)
Forgot Woodsman also T-9 Guiler
(Aug 08, 2016)
To let all Know now have Metal-smith,Weapon-smith,Jeweler,Tailor,Cook All T-9 Guilder finely only Scholar to go
(Jul 31, 2016)
How does one add pictures to the gallery.
(Jun 06, 2016)
oh yes you are in the right place
(May 25, 2016)
Boo ! Am I in the right place ?.
(Mar 05, 2016)
Will be working in Evernigth rest of month so if any kin are on Evernigth look for Cemilled or Ausvabras and give me a shout kk
(Jan 02, 2016)
northwest fayetteville home of the HOGS
(Dec 29, 2015)
Just updated my Profile as well
(Dec 29, 2015)
Looks GOOD !! Solo .. what part of Arkansas? I live in Hardy (Sharp County)
(Dec 28, 2015)
Just updated my page check it out let me known what you think of sheild and motto
(Dec 24, 2015)
Happy Holidays to my family across the globe!! May this next year you be surrounded by friends and family that provide you with love and comfort.
(Dec 19, 2015)
To add your characters - Click ROSTER (Top Menu), then Characters
(Dec 14, 2015)
ok sounds good i got it
(Dec 13, 2015)
Yes, I will post info on the forums
(Dec 13, 2015)
does the kin have vent?
(Dec 13, 2015)
Hey.....Check the New Events Thread in the forums!!!!
(Dec 12, 2015)
Nice to see more folks using Ventrilo !!